Strategic Communications

The objective of every Marathon Communications strategy is the same: to achieve our clients’ objectives.  Whether these objectives lie in the realm of public perception (the swaying of public attitudes toward an issue or a company) or public policy (tailoring business plans to succeed within current political realities) Marathon has the knowledge, experience, and relationships to create specific and specifically targeted messaging to shore up support and neutralize opposition.

Community Outreach

All of our communication strategies begin at the local level. For decades, we have maintained relationships with neighborhood and community groups, and are always attuned to their concerns. These associations enable us to build consensus between our clients and their neighbors, and thereby enable our clients to move their projects forward. All politics is, indeed, local. No one knows this better than we do.

Government Relations

Marathon’s relationships with our colleagues in government are critical to the execution of our clients’ objectives. Whether a given project requires government interface at the local, state, or federal level, Marathon can connect to the right decision maker.  These associations have been forged over years of creating consensus between the public and private sectors, and continue to strengthen and grow as our projects and areas of expertise diversify.

Media Relations

While our relationships with community and government enable us to shape and target our messaging, it is our connection to the media that allows us to get those messages out. Once we understand what needs to be said and to whom, we know where to go. Marathon has generated positive coverage for its clients everywhere from the Los Angeles Business Journal to the New York Times.