A Southern California Institution:

Marathon Communications is a Los Angeles-based strategic communications company with a 25-year record of effective coalition and consensus-building on behalf of both public and private sector clients.  We have represented major real estate development firms, health care, telecommunications, transportation, and aerospace companies, as well as the County of Los Angeles, and the cities of Los Angeles, Burbank, Pasadena, Santa Monica and Santa Clarita.

Born in the campaign world:

Beginning as a campaign management firm in 1982, Marathon has evolved into a diversified public affairs agency offering a wide variety of services.  By integrating our government and community relations experience with public/media relations and direct advocacy, we are able to communicate effectively across traditional demographic, political and geographic boundaries to create support for commercial projects and public policy proposals.

An adept, adaptable strategic resource:

Once an objective is defined, Marathon has the tools, expertise, and relationships to achieve it. Whether running all aspects of an outreach effort, managing a multi-disciplined outreach team, or filling a gap within an existing team, Marathon has a strong record of delivering for our clients through effective strategic thinking, a consistent connection to the constantly evolving public policy landscape, and an ability to recognize and harness the necessary intellectual resources.